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There's no easy way to say hi, I disagree with you wioutht feeling like a tool, but Hi, I disagree with you. I'm an avid reader and aspiring author, and, like you, I believe that the real value in the book is in the story . Where I can't quite follow you is the assertion that the lower pricing of ebooks affects the quality of the story. A great book is a great book whether I'm reading it on the screen or on the page.In fact, my belief is that the rise of the ebook and digital distribution can only help the overall quality of literature. Electronic publishing makes it far easier for a young author (like me) to get his work out there' and read by people. Ebooks broaden the market, meaning that book lovers (again like me) have the opportunity to explore the works of many authors who might not ever have been published otherwise. That, combined with the word-of-mouth advertising also made possible by the net, means that talented authors will be discovered and lauded by book-lovers worldwide. The overall effect will be increased availability of higher-quality literature. Yes, there will be a lot of crap to wade through in order to find the good ebooks, but it's not as if that's not true in paper publishing now. (Have you tried reading Twilight? I have. It was unpleasant.)I acknowledge that the changing world is placing you and other successful authors in a difficult situation economically. But you have a major advantage in this you have a fanbase. I don't know what percentage of an ebook sale winds up in the author's pocket I don't even know if your books are available as ebooks. But if they are, being the successful, popular author you are you could have Amazon and co. over the same barrel as McMillan now does. You have a monopoly over your titles, and as you say, producing, storing and distributing a file is not expensive. Authors deserve to be paid for thier work of course I agree with you; I'm trying to become one! I don't know if what I outline here could work, but surely you and other successful authors have options?Furthermore if nothing else, embracing ebooks as a medium for distribution means that increased availability and lower cost allows authors to sell more copies to a wider market than they would have reached otherwise.So in conclusion, while I understand that this is a challenging and complex situation, I feel that yours is not necessarily the only position possible. I hope that I have presented an alternative perspective on the situation and I apologize if I have offended.


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