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Responding to Sean Sero's very well presented post:I guess the btotom line is that right now the entire publishing industry is in transition. I don’t have the numbers to crunch in order to speak with any authority on this. I do know that it’s a complicated situation, and that very complexity makes me doubt that the only solution is to require ebook prices to mirror paper-book prices.I absolutely agree with you here, Sean. As I mentioned in an earlier response, I believe that the situation today is highly analogous to the old that existed in Hollywood from the 1920s until its abolition through anti-trust legislation in the 1950s. During this period of time, Movie Studios (like MGM, Paramount, Fox and the like) owned the entire production and distribution chain of films. They owned' contract players (much like professional athletes today) and would trade them like property. They also put directors under contract as well, insuring that they would only work for their dream factory.' Then, to top all this off, the studios also owned their own theater chains controlling who distributed their movies. If you wanted to see Clarke Gable's latest movie, then you could only find it at an MGM owned theater. Or, if you were an independent theater owner and you wanted the latest Clark Gable film (blockbuster) you were required to purchase an entire slate of lesser-quality MGM movies as well. When this secure channel of distribution was challenged, it seemed for a time as if movie studios were going the way of the dodo but then studios wised up and realized that they weren't in the business of making movies they were in the entertainment business and that they needed to change with the times. The result is the current reality in Hollywood where studios provide financing and facilities services to independent production companies and everyone is making money again. No studio owns Cameron's Lightstorm production company but both Cameron and the studio backing him made a killing on Avatar.'Big publishers find themselves in a similar position, I believe, to that of movie studios in the 1950s. Their classic and time honored distribution system is being challenged by new media. The old models aren't working any more. I believe that publishers will also have to change in much the same way as studios did in the 1950s and 1960s.To this end, Laura and I are establishing . While we hope to teach what we have learned about the craft and art of Science-fiction and Fantasy writing, we are also hoping to develop it into an ebook/new media production house. Such places, I believe, will become filters for future readers in much the same way that traditional publishing filtered out the noise from the signal. I would like people to come to looking for our latest published author (possibly like yourself) because we develop a reputation for publishing only quality works rather than anything that is just tossed up onto the internet. By becoming a focal point of quality, more readers will be drawn to our place first rather than random searching the web, and thus serving our authors with better revenues. At least that's the model that I think the future holds for us all.New media? Yes, please, I'd like to be a part of that frontier!

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